• To research the life and work of Hans Jonas and to make it fruitful for teaching.

  • To apply Jonas’ ethics – with critical reflection - to current problems, in particular to questions of educational ethics (educational rehabilitation and school education), as well as questions of bioethics (for example, ethics in the life sciences and environmental ethics).

  • To develop an ethical method that is paying attention to principlist reasoning and casuistry.

  • To develop a conception of conciliation/philosophical mediation against the background of the notion of responsibility by adhering to Jonas’ ethics and the means of an ethical method.

  • Issues of ageing (gerontology) are of great ethical interest, both individually and socially, and should be critically examined against the background of the notion of responsibility with reference to the ethics of ageing.




  • Information events on Hans Jonas.

  • Academic discussion forum concerning questions of responsibility at institutions (for example, schools, universities, of sciences; in particular: life sciences, ecology, rehabilitation sciences).

  • Ethical consultation with special consideration of the notion of responsibility.

  • Training of ethical advisors (development of a curriculum).

  • Organization of guest lectures (national and international).

  • Publication of a book series "Hans Jonas" (Logos Verlag Berlin).

  • Supporting publications of up-and-coming researchers in the series “Dialogue of Ethics and Education” (Editor: Holger Burckhart, LIT-Verlag).